Forex Copier Remote 2

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Forex Copier Remote 2

  • Providing Forex Trading Signals Made Simple
  • Make your next step in a career of a successful trader: start your trading signal service

Looking for wider opportunities as an influencer trader? What about live trading signals providing? Share your Forex trading insights and ideas in the form of signals with other traders and investors and get an automated passive income.



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Forex Copier Remote 2 is an essential tool for:

Experienced traders Who are confident in their trading decisions and want to monetize their trading skills even further
A newbie trader Who wants to level up his trading authority - even if your trading style is far from ideal, make use of the Reversal mode and help people to earn money from your losses
A person who wants to organize a signal providing community In case your business skills are better than the trading ones, match experienced traders and signal receivers and profit from it

What makes Forex Copier Remote 2 different?

Easy to set-up and use
Reverse Mode
ECN support
4 digits / 5digits support
Japanese language support
A wide range of features to customize the program according to your needs
Manage your subscribers: add/delete and set the expiration date of clients’ subscription
MT4®/MT5® platforms support provided by any broker
Automated signals with the lowest latency possible
Demo accounts/live accounts support

Compatible with:

You can send signals from MT4® to MT5® terminals and vice versa

* MetaTrader®, MetaTrader 5®, MT4®, MT5® are the registered trademarks of MetaQuotes Software Corp. The developers of Forex Copier are not affiliated with MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Provider | Receiver MT4® MT5®
Forex Copier Remote 2

Provide trading signals accurate and fast.
Grow your community.

Profit. Easy as it is.



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Effortless set-up

The Server part The one that provides signals.
The Client part The one that receives signals from Forex Remote Copier 2 Server and passes these signals to the customer’s MT4®/MT5® platform.
Step 1 Download and install the Server part
Step 2 Add your clients easily in a couple of clicks
Step 3 Send them a template message with a password and a link for download
Step 4 Start providing trading signals as soon as you open the trade

We are fast!
A single pip won't be dropped on the way!

Broker's server
Can you imagine what path the Forex Signal should make?
It takes only 0.6 seconds!
Your client's
Broker's server
MT4® / MT5® Terminal
Your client
Your client's
MT4® / MT5® Terminal

Once you initiate the trade in your MT® Terminal, it takes a fraction of a second to get the approval from a broker, then the signal travels through servers to the clients’ terminal, receives the approval from the broker at the other end and opens the trade.

Please note: the connection of the terminal with broker takes the most of the time!

Reliability Make sure your copied trades are safe, fast and reach the client
Sales Check the analytics, analyze it and optimize your signal providing business
Safety guaranteed All the trades are transmitted via the secure protocol and are encrypted for the additional security – you can be sure that no one except your clients will get them!
Demographics Check where are your clients from and customize the subscriptions’ charging, so you will make sure it is affordable for the wide variety of clients.
Trades and Total connection time analytics Helps to check either all the trades get copied in order to prevent the complaints from the users.
You can detect which side the problem is from (yours or ours) and fix it as soon as possible and inform your clients, so you will prevent the possible losses.
Messages Send messages to your clients in a week (set your perfect time) before their subscription will expire and again send a reminder in the expiration date – maximize your profits as the signals provider.
You can send custom messages to every client or make the process automated with the preset messages.
Your clients will get notifications in the program as well as via e-mail.

Useful features your clients would thank for

Forex Copier Remote 2 is not a software that performs a simple “copy-paste” functions, but provides a wide variety of options to customize the settings of the trades performed at the Client’s side:

Lot / risk management

  • Pick the exact lot size from the Provider side or use the custom lot size
  • 3 options for the lot customization
    • Multiply the lot size from Provider
    • Proportional lot based on Provider / Clients Equity ratio
    • Lot calculations based on money management rules – define what % of Equity is admissible to lose and lock the possible further losses

Reverse mode

  • Make the use of the Reverse mode –copy the opposite orders from the Provider’s account and make a profit out of trader’s mistakes
  • Reverse Stop Loss and Take profit

Stop Loss / Take Profit

  • Adjust Stop Loss / Take Profit according to your needs:
    • Open copied orders without Stop Loss and Take Profit
    • Set fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit in pips

Price adjustments

  • Your client can totally rely on your trading decisions, or adjust the opening price or the closing price of the copied trades

Filter orders from the Provider

  • Filter incoming orders by the lot size, currency pair trading, magic numbers, by the number of orders and etc.

Emergency stop

  • Ensure the security of your trading account: define the parameters (level of the Equity, Drawdown percent, Drawdown value) when the copying will be stopped automatically

Mandatory orders closing

  • If your clients have opened orders and their subscriptions have expired, the software will still close those orders when the Provider will do – they can be sure that their deposit will be protected from the accidental losses
  • In the case, your clients were away and their Receiver part of the software was off, once they start the software, they can catch up all the trades of Provider within the last hour or follow only update ones. Convenient, right?

Try the demo version of the Forex Copier Remote 2

Here you can see the differences between free demo version and paid version of Forex Copier Remote 2

Feature Version Full Version
Receiver accounts 2 UNLIMITED

Can the price for the Forex copy trading service be more competitive?

The price of Forex Copier Remote is only $199 - a decent price for the tool for copying the trades with the wide range of the features provided.
Start your signal providing service and you will be able to recover your expenses in a couple of months or even less.

Let’s say you start with the one client with the monthly subscription of 30$/month*, then in 10 months you will be able to recover your expenses.
2 clients with 30$/month each will bring the profit recovering the expenses in 5 months.
10 and more clients will cover your expenses in 1 month or even less.

* Please note: this value of the subscription is mentioned for the example. As you are the signal provider you can establish any price you want to.

30 days of money-back guarantee

30 days of money back guarantee

We are sure that our software is full of valuable features every signal provider would appreciate. However, we accompany each of our products with 30-days money guarantee.

Not sure how to start providing trading signals?

Feeling ready to start a new chapter in your career, but have no clue where to find the first clients? At the beginning you can follow one of these steps to start gathering the base of the loyal clients:

Specialized forums Start discussions, get involved in discussions, give worthful advice and get noticed in the trading community.
Create a social media account One of the best ways to gain clients as soon as possible. Show your best sides as a professional!
Blog or website: Share your trading achievements to attract your auditory.


Forex Copier Remote 2 is not a software that performs a simple “copy-paste” functions, but provides a wide variety of options to customize the settings of the trades performed at the Client’s side:

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One license allows you to work with Forex Copier Remote on one computer. If you want to install it on two or more computers, you need to order two or more licenses according to the number of computers. You can move our software to a new computer in case if old one crashed, or you purchase new computer at NO extra cost. Just let us know, and we will issue a new registration key for free and block the old one.

You can find full Forex Copier End-User License Agreement (EULA) text here.

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