Forex Remote Copier – Forex Signal Services software

Forex Remote Copier is designed for traders who plan to start their own signal service (become a signal provider).

The program allows sending trading signals from your MetaTrader account to many MetaTrader accounts which are running all over the world.

These features make our product useful:
  1. It is easy to use (setup and configuration are done in a few clicks)
  2. You can easily manage your subscribers:
    • Add/remove subscribers
    • Set expiration date
  3. Copier supports all MT4 platforms provided by any broker
  4. ECN support
  5. 4digits/5digits support
  6. Demo accounts/live accounts support

So with Forex Remote Copier you can easily start your own Forex Signals Service which is independent and is working by your own rules.

The program consists from 2 parts:

Server part

This program is installed on server or VPS of Signal Provider and allows managing the database of clients. Forex Remote Copier Server receives signals from MT4 platform and passes these signals to all clients


Client part

The customer who is subscribed to your signals service installs this program on his computer or VPS. Forex Remote Copier Client receives signals from Forex Remote Copier Server and passes these signals to customer’s MT4 platform


Please note that we do not take any responsibility of the copying process accuracy.

Please review the scheme below to get an idea how the product works:

How the product works