When Forex Copier Muiltiaccount is the best choice?

If you plan to copy trades from one or several "master" accounts to several "receiver" accounts then Forex Copier Multiaccount is a good choice for you!

Please see the scheme below to get an idea how Multiaccount version works:

Forex Copier Multiaccount: How does it work?
If you already own Forex Copier Multiaccount license and want to continue using it for copying orders please click “Download” button below.
Please note that Forex Copier Multiaccount is an older version of our program, if you want to use the latest Forex Copier version please visit this page where you can read about Forex Copier 2 and download it.
Forex Copier Multiaccount license owners can upgrade to Forex Copier 2 by paying a small upgrade price, you can read about the differences between both versions and purchase an upgrade on our site here.
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