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Upgrade from Forex Copier 2 to Forex Copier Remote 2 easily

Forex Copier Remote 2:
Refined tool for providing Forex trading signals

8 main reasons to migrate to Forex Copier Remote 2
The process of signals providing is easy and convenient
as never before!

*Please note: the migrate to Forex Copier Remote 2 is available for the Forex Trade Copier 2 owners only.

Forex Trade Copier 2 vs Forex Copier Remote 2 comparison table

Feature Forex Trade Copier 2 Forex Copier Remote 2
Meta Trader 5 support
Problem detection No notifications shown Notification about an error occurred
Privacy for receivers Provider has access to receiver's settings Only receivers can control their terminals
Expiration date Set the expiration date of clients’ subscriptions
Access permission Provider can add and delete subscribers Provider can add and delete subscribers + give them temporary access
Sales & Info Messages Providers can inform clients about expiration of their subscriptions
Clients’ Demographics Possibility to customize subscription prices depending on client’s location
Design Standard design New, up-to-date design with a dark-theme interface

How to get the most from the new features of
Forex Copier Remote 2?

1. MetaTrader 5 Support

In Forex Trade Copier 2, users could only use the MT4 platform for providing/receiving signals.
Now, it is possible to use both platforms. Trading signals can be sent in all possible variations: from MT4 to MT4/MT5 accounts and from MT5 to MT4/MT5 accounts.

2. Problem Detection

Earlier, if there was some technical problem with

  • a Meta Trader terminal (it was closed or the path to the terminal was indicated incorrectly)
  • or something wrong with the Source or Receiver Expert Advisors of Forex Copier (Expert Advisor wasn’t attached to the chart/several Expert Advisors were attached to the chart), provider and receiver were unaware of it. It could lead to the negative results.

In Forex Copier Remote 2, this issue has been resolved. In case some mistake happens, provider or receiver (depending on who has this problem) will be informed about it by getting a warning message:

Enjoy the problem detection function in Forex Copier Remote 2

So, don’t be afraid to miss something important. Detect a problem in time and fix it as soon as possible. In such a way, you will prevent possible losses.

3. Privacy for receivers

Signal receivers can be worried about their privacy when giving access to their live deposit accounts. They shouldn’t!

In Forex Copier 2, both Provider and Receiver terminals are located on provider’s computer. Perhaps, it is a bit confusing.

But there is a completely different situation in Forex Copier Remote 2: receivers have full control over their terminals (as these are located on receivers’ computers).

Moreover, receivers can choose the way of copying trades by themselves – either repeat all actions of the provider without any changes or customize settings of these trades (change lot/risk management, stop loss/take profit, opening and closing prices, equity and drawdown values) in order not to lose their money.

4. Expiration date

As a signal provider, you don’t need to check your subscribers’ subscription terms over and over again! Just set the expiration date for each client’s subscription and be sure that everything works properly. When the time comes, your clients will be notified about the fact their subscription is going to expire – both in the program and via e-mail.

A week before subscription is expired, provider can see a yellow circle opposite to the name of a particular client. This is a warning sign telling that the subscription date for this receiver is going to expire in 7 days. Receivers can always see the expiration date of their subscriptions.

When subscription is already expired, a red circle is shown in provider’s terminal. Receivers, in their turn, can see a red message telling that subscription time is over.

Forex Copier Remote 2: Check the expiration date of the clients' subscriptions

Manage your subscribers easily with Forex Copier Remote 2!

Go on reading to find more info about the subscription messages.

5. Access permission

In Forex Copier Remote 2, provider can not only add and delete clients, but also give them temporary access. As a provider, you can control your subscribers easily:

  • Exclude those clients who violate your rules
  • Enable/disable temporary access for your clients (for example, if you don’t want to give especially risky signals to all of your clients or you want to provide receivers with a free trial but you are not sure yet about terms of the trial version)
Enable/disable temporary access in Forex Copier Remote 2

6. Messages

Inform your clients a week before their subscriptions are expired (or set your own perfect time) and send a reminder right on the expiration date one more time – maximize your profits as a signal provider.  

You can send custom emails to every client or use some standard messages. Just check the person you want to email and click the “Send message” button. Write your text in the next window.

Forex Copier: Messages and subscription expiration

Great bonus: If a client opens some orders and then the subscription expires, the software will still close these orders when the provider will do. Therefore, signal receivers can be sure that their deposit is protected from accidental losses.

7. Demographics

Check where are your clients from and customize the subscription price if you want – make sure it is affordable for the wide variety of clients.

Forex Copier Remote 2: Clients' location & customized subscription prices

8. Design

Technical possibilities weren’t the only thing improved in Forex Copier Remote 2! We also took care about the new and contemporary design! Enjoy program’s great-looking interface while working with our product as a signal provider or signal receiver.

Forex Trade Copier 2

Forex Trade Copier 2 vs Forex Copier Remote 2: Upgrade

Forex Copier Remote 2

Enjoy the new and contemporary design in Forex Copier Remote 2