Easy to use and reliable solution for copying trades from any MetaTrader 4 account to any other MetaTrader 4 account. Supports any brokers who use MT4 platform (ECN brokers, 5-digits brokers, brokers with suffixes in symbol names, etc..)

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Free Forex Copier: Try out a great tool for copying orders

Forex Copier allows you to get signals from profitable accounts

Feel free to use this Free Copier for your personal needs, for example:
  • You have master or investor (read-only) password from some account in Meta Trader 4 and you want to copy trades from this account to yours. This account could be bigger or smaller than yours. So you may need to bring lot size into synch with account sizes, we recommend using LotMultiplier parameter for this purpose. Note that Free version allows setting LotMultiplier paramter in a range from 0.5 to 2 so you can copy trades from account which is 2 times bigger than yours or 2 times smaller than yours. Full version does not have any limitations in settings.

  • You want to trade on 2 accounts simultaneously (for example your account and account of your friend). In this case you will just need to open trades on one accont and Copier will transfer these trades to other account automatically.
    Note that we also have Multiaccount edition of Copier which allows duplicating trades from many "master" accoutns to many "receiver" accounts.

Note that Free version has some restrictions which are not present in Pro and Multiaccount versions:

  • Free version does not allow setting LotMultiplier less than 0.5
  • Free version does not allow setting LotMultiplier bigger than 2
  • Free version does not allow having more than 5 trades opened simultaneously on receiver account, if the number of trades is 5 or bigger then Copier will stop working until the number of trades decrease.
  • We do not allow using Free Copier version for selling trading signals, so only personal use is allowed

The ways of using Copier which are shown below are not available in Free version but are available in Pro and Multiaccount versions:

  • Free version does not allow filtering and adjusting trades which come from master account. Paid versions have many ways of adjusting and filtering trades.

  • Free version does not have any money management capabilities during copying trades. For example adjusting lot size of copied trade according to receiver account equity level or stop trading when drawdown level is too big, etc..

  • Free version does not give you the right of using Copier for selling your trading signals. Please contact us if you plan using Copier for selling your trading signals to many customers all over the world and we will offer special solution for you.

  • Free version does not allow copying trades to many accounts simultaneously. We have Forex Copier Multiaccount edition which allows you doing that, this is a good solution for account managers or trades who have many accounts and want to keep these accounts in sync.

  • Free version does not have Reverse mode. This mode allows making profit on losing EAs or by copying trades from losing accounts.

    For example you have master or investor (read-only) password from some loosing account and you want to have reversed trades from that account in your account to make profit in your account (each losing trade on master account will make profit in your account). Every time when losing account opens BUY order your account will open SELL order and vice versa.

    Or you may know some losing EA. If this EA always loses money then you can attach it to a demo account and then copy reversed trades to your live account.