Super simple and quick way to register Forex Copier

This instruction will help you to register Forex Copier on your computer. If you did not install Forex Copier yet then please follow this instruction to install it.

If Forex Copier is already installed on your computer then please follow the next steps to register it:

* Note that there is no need to register Free version of Forex Copier.

1. Open " Start Menu -> Programs -> Forex Copier -> Register Forex Copier ".

2. If you have Forex Copier license then please enter your name, email and license key into proper fields below and click "Activate" button.

Trade copier activation page


3. If you do not have Forex Copier license you can try the product in Demo Mode (some features are limited in this Mode, see details here). In this case choose “I do not have a key” option and click “Try DEMO” button (see the screenshot below):

Request trade copier Demo

4. If the registration is finished successfully you will see "The product has been successfully registered" message.

Successful trade copier register

If you have any problems with registration then please contact us and we will help.