Forex Copier installation tips
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This instruction will help you to download and install Forex Copier with the help of automatic installer.

Please run the following steps to install Forex Copier:
  1. Open your Source and Receiver MetaTrader terminals and make sure that each of them has an empty chart of volatile currency pair (for example GBPCHF or EURUSD).

  2. Download Forex Copier installation package here.
    And run downloaded file.

  3. Click Run if you see such a window:
    Secutity warning

  4. Choose the language and click Select:
    Multi-language installer

  5. Click Next to continue the installation:
    Trade copier installer: welcome page

  6. Read End-User License Agreement (EULA) and click on "Accept License" checkbox if you agree with EULA terms.
    Trade copier installer: end-user license agreement

  7. Click "Add source” button. In "EA settings" window, which will appear, please choose the Meta Trader 4 terminal from the list and the chart, on which Copier EA will be installed. Then click "Save" button. To add another Source account please do this operation again.
    Trade copier installer (custom copying scheme): source configuration

  8. Click “Add Receiver” button. In "EA settings" window, which will appear, please choose the Meta Trader 4 terminal from the list and the chart, on which Copier EA will be installed (the same process as configuring Source account). Also you can click on "Change" button to set Lot Management (you can choose fixed lot, lot multiplier, risk management etc.). Then click “Save” button. To add another Receiver account please do this operation again.
    Mt4 trade copier installer (custom copying scheme): Receiver configuration

  9. You can set a copying relation between Source and Receiver accounts by dragging the arrow from one account to another. If you have only one Source or one Receiver account then installer will automatically set relation with this account (you can delete the relation by right-clicking on the arrow and choosing “Delete relation” option). When you finish setting up the copying scheme press "Next" button.
    MetaTrader 4 copier installer: custom copying scheme example
    • You must not put the expert on more than 1 chart on one terminal! Though the expert will appear in one chart the orders will be copied for all currency pairs.
    • You can choose different currencies for SignalProvider and SignalProcessor EAs. For example you can put SignalProvider on EURUSD chart and SignalProcessor on GBPUSD chart. It is recommended to use volatile pairs.
  10. If you are installing Free version then registration is not required and you can finish the installation. If you are installing full version (Pro or Multiaccount) you will be prompt to register your Forex Copier:

    If you have Forex Copier license then please enter your name, email and license key into proper fields below and click "Activate" button.

    Trade copier activation page

    If you do not have Forex Copier license you can try the product in Demo Mode (some features are limited in this Mode, see details here). In this case choose “I do not have a key” option and click “Try DEMO” button (see the screenshot below):

    Request trade copier Demo

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! Installation is completed. Now you can close Installer and use Forex Copier.

If you have any questions then please contact us and we will help.