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I have installed Forex Copier but it doesn’t copy orders to my Receiver account.
Do you see any error messages on a chart with ReceiverEA when trying to copy orders?
Please check that you have SourceEA on chart on Source MT4 platform and ReceiverEA on chart on Receiver MT4 platform.
Please note that Forex Copier EA is installed on one chart but copies orders for all currency pairs. If you don't see the EAs on your platforms please close the platforms, then click "Apply Scheme" button in Forex Copier, then launch platforms again.
Please make sure that AutoTrading is enabled on all MT4 platforms.
Also please open Market Watch window on Receiver account → right-click on it → Show all.
If this doesn't help please open Forex Copier 2 application, go to Help → Send logs, enter your name, subject and click "Send logs" button.
We will try to find the reason of the issue and help you with fixing it.
My orders aren’t copied and I see “error 5020” message on the chart with ReceiverEA
Error 5020 means that Forex Copier cannot copy order for some reason.
Possible reasons:
1) This currency pair isn't added in Market Watch window on Receiver platform. Please open Receiver MT4 platform, open Market Watch window -> Show All. This should help.
2) You have suffix on this account but Forex Copier EA is installed on the chart without suffix. In this case please open Forex Copier application, click "Settings" on Receiver account, switch to "Advanced settings" tab, activate "Add this suffix:" and enter the suffix. For example, if you have EURUSDfx name, then you need to enter fx into this field. After this click "Save and Finish" and then "Apply Scheme".
3) Trading is disabled on this account. In this case please try to open order for this pair manually and check if it is opened.
4) Symbol name is completely different on Source and Receiver account. For example, you have GER30 symbol on Source and DAX30 on Receiver. In this case please open Forex Copier, click "Settings" on Receiver account, go to "Advanced settings" and use "Symbol name mappings" option where you need to set GER30 = DAX30 (names of symbols should be exactly the same as you see on the charts).
How many Receiver accounts Forex Copier 2 supports?
Forex Copier 2 allows copying orders from many Source to many Receiver accounts; the number is restricted only by hardware of the computer where Forex Copier program is installed. Please note that you need to have one account per one MT4 platform, in this case everything will work properly.
What is the difference between Forex Copier 2 and Forex Copier Remote?
Forex Copier 2 is a local copier so Source and Receiver MT4 platforms should be installed on the same machine.
Forex Copier Remote allows to copy orders via Internet, Source MT4 and Receiver MT4 should be placed on different computers.
Please note that Forex Copier Remote is in Beta Testing Stage so we provide it for free.
What are restrictions of Forex Copier 2 demo version?
Demo version of Forex Copier 2 isn't restricted in time but it is restricted in some functionality. It works without limitations if you copy orders to demo account but if you want to copy orders to live account it has some restrictions. It will not copy orders to live account if you have 3 or more opened orders on this account.

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