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Posted: 2014-03-21

The most important differences of the Forex Copier v. 1.37

We continue working on improving our software to make it more reliable and useful for our customers. Yesterday (20 Mar 2014) we published new version of Forex Copier (v. 1.37)
Please review release notes of this new version below:
New features:

  • The registration process of Forex Copier became much easier. Our developers done everything to make this process as quick and simple as it can be. In previous versions of our program the customers had to perform 7 steps to register the program (like send key request, wait for the reply, receive email with key, open the program and enter the key, etc). Now there are only two simple steps, the key is issued right after the purchase and you just have to enter it into the program, the registration can be done in less than 1 minute. This improvement will help you to save your time.
  • It became easier to transfer the program to a new computer. Our new automatic key server allows you to relocate your program to another computer in a couple of clicks.
  • Now you can configure copying process without reinstalling Forex Copier again. Just open “Start -> Programs -> Forex Copier -> Configure” window and perform changes there.
  • Bug fixes:

Nothing is perfect, Forex Copier is not perfect as well but we are always working to make it more and more stable and reliable.

  • In 1.37.2 version our programmers fixed some issues with installing Forex Copier on MT4 build 600+.
  • We noticed problems with “price borders” feature in new MT4 builds (600+). These problems were fixed in Forex Copier 1.37. So, you can use all advantages of “price borders” feature again.

Forex Copier 1.37 is available here:

If you have any questions or need any help with the software please click here to contact us