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Why is Forex Copier so special? [The most important features described]

Custom Lot/Risk Management

Copy trades between MT4 accounts of different sizes and different base currencies
Allows customer to choose the method of lot calculation for copied orders.
  • Lot Multiplier

    Lot size of copied order will be multiplied by entered value.
    For example, if you set LotMultiplier = 2 and open an order with lot size = 2 on the source account then this order will be copied to receiver account with lot size = 4.
  • Fixed Lot

    All orders will be copied with determined lot size.
    For example, if you set FixedLot=3 then all orders will be copied to receiver account with lot size = 3.
  • Auto adjust Lot Size

    With this option Forex Copier will automatically calculate lot size based on Source and Receiver Account Balance (or Equity).
    For example, if you have balance on source account = 10000, balance on receiver account = 1000 and you open an order with lot size = 2 on source account then this order will be copied to the receiver account with lot size = 0.2.
  • Risk Management

    Forex Copier will calculate lot size in the way that each order will risk no more than selected % of your account size. Note, that original order should have Stop Loss level.
    For example, if you have balance on source account = 1000, RiskPercentage=5 (in case you want to risk no more than 5% of equity) and you open an order with Stop Loss = 20 pips on source account then this order will be copied to receiver account with lot size = 2.5. So if the copied order reaches 20 pips Stop Loss you will lose 5% of your equity.

Reverse Mode

If you enable this feature then Forex Copier will open opposite orders on Receiver account. SL and TP can be also reversed for copied opposite orders.
  • BUY order will be copied as SELL
  • SELL order will be copied as BUY
  • SELL Stop order will be copied as BUY Limit
  • SELL Limit order will be copied as BUY Stop
  • BUY Stop order will be copied as SELL Limit
  • BUY Limit order will be copied as SELL Stop
You can copy reversed trades from some losing account (or losing EA). In this case your account will grow.
For example,

“Bad trader” (for example, some newbie or some “lossy EA”) is opening a BUY order. reverse buy order
Copier takes a signal and converts it to the opposite type of order (BUY -> SELL), so you receive SELL order reverse buy order to sell order
The price is falling so original BUY order is in loss and the bad trader starts to panic. At the same time, the SELL order in your account is in Profit. price goes down
“Bad trader” closes the order. Unfortunately, he lost some money. trader lost money
You make profit trader earned money with Forex Trade Copier

Restrictions (Min/max lot size, max lot sum, number of orders (per symbol), copy only defined types of orders, Price difference, expiration minutes restrictions)

  • With help of these options you can set the range of allowed lot sizes for original orders. So the orders which have smaller or bigger lot size will not be copied.
  • You can limit the number of copied orders (limit for copying all orders or per one currency pair).
  • You can disable copying of some types of orders. This feature will be very useful if you, for example, want to copy BUY orders and don’t want to copy Sell orders.
  • Price difference feature allows customer to define maximal price difference between original order and copied order.
  • You can forbid the copying of old orders (which were opened more than defined time ago).
Filtering trades (by order type and lot size) feature in our Trade Copier. Copy only BUY orders with small lot size.

Copy only profitable/Losing trades

Copy only profitable trades. Ignore losing trades. This exclusive feature allows copying trades, which reached certain predefined profit/loss level in pips.

Filters (by currency pairs, by comments).

  • With help of currency filter you can copy trades only for specific currency pairs. Orders with other currency pairs will not be copied.
  • With help of comments filter you can copy trades only with specific comments on source terminals. Orders with other comments will not be copied.
Currency pairs filter in Forex Trade Copier. Copy only GBPJPY, ignore EURUSD

Supports all types of orders

Copy Market orders, copy pending orders, Instant/Market execution, partial close and close by support
  • Open, Modify, Close market orders
  • Open, Modify, Delete pending orders
  • Instant Execution/Market Execution (When you copy order with SL/TP to the account where only Market Execution is allowed, Forex Copier will open order without SL/TP and then immediately set SL/TP).
  • Partial Close (Forex Copier closes on Receiver account the same part of order as was closed on Source account).
  • CloseBy (If you close order at the expense of opposite order, Forex Copier will successfully copy this type of closing order).

Any MT4 broker support

Our Software was tested with ITCFX, FXCM, FOREX.COM, XM, FxNet, FxPro, HY Markets, RoboForex, Hirose UK, ThinkForex, ForexBrokerInc, FBS, MIG, FXOpen, DF Markets, FX Choice, FXSOL, IBFX, Alpari, Oanda, MB Trading, MaxiFX, AVAFX, FXDD and other brokers.

DD/NDD/ECN/STP (Forex Copier works correctly with all these dealing types).

On February 3rd, 2014 most of MT4 terminals was updated to a 600 build. Thanks to our programmers we published new version of the programs, which is compatible with 600+ build
Copy between FXPro, Alpari, FxOpen, FXCM, FXDD... and all other MT4 brokers

Any account type

Copy from demo MT4 account to live MT4 account, copy from live account to demo account Demo/Live accounts (Our software copies orders between Demo and Live accounts without any problems).

Copier can transfer trades between accounts with different base currency.

Adjusting Symbol Name feature (Automatic, manual).

We have feature which allows adjusting symbol names automatically if they have different names (very useful if you use terminals of different brokers). Also you can adjust symbol names manually by removing prefixes/suffixes on Source account or adding prefixes/suffixes on Receiver account.
For example:
Our Trade Copier supports different symbol names (with suffixes/prefixes like EURUSDFX)

Can transfer trades between MT4 terminals which are working in different time zones

Duplicate trades between MT4 accounts which are working in different time zones

Protection features

Forex trade copier is reliable and safe for your account.
  • Forex Copier can stop copying OPEN orders if Source account’s equity reaches some level.
  • Also our program can stop copying OPEN orders when drawdown percent reaches defined level.
So you will be able to save your money in case when Source account is not lucky.

Wait For Better Price/copy orders at exactly same prices

Copy trades at exactly same price like on Source account
These exclusive features allow customer to open copied orders at exact prices of original order or even at better price.
If WaitForOpenPrice feature is enabled then Forex Copier will wait for satisfying price before opening order on receiver account.
With help of “Borders” settings you can set the range where copied orders can be opened. So you can set borders which will allow opening copied orders even with better price than the original orders. Please see more information about borders on our Help Page
For example, if you set "WaitForOpenPrice = true", "EnableExecutionPriceBorders=true", "TopExecutionPriceBorderLong=0", "BottomExecutionPriceBorderLong=-2", "TopExecutionPriceBorderShort=2", "BottomExecutionPriceBorderShort=0" then Forex Copier will try to open BUY and SELL orders at the same price or even at 2 pips better price than the price of original order.

"Try again" function (make sure that order was executed).

Make sure that position was copied and try again in case of fail. If the order cannot be opened or closed on Receiver account due to some reason (for example if you lose connection with Internet or with MT server) then Copier will try to execute this order defined number of times so you will not miss the trade. If MT terminal was not able to execute Close task due to some reason then Copier will try again and again to make sure that the order is closed on Receiver account side.

Stop Loss/Take Profit settings (Stop Loss Pips, Take Profit Pips, Ignore SL TP, Add Pips to SL TP).

You can use these features to:
  • Ignore original order’s SL and TP.
  • Set custom SL and TP for orders which are opened on Receiver account.
  • Move SL and TP of copied order according to the difference between prices of initial and copied orders.
Forex Copier can copy orders with custom Stop Loss and Take Profit

Copying history

“Copying history” allows you to see the quantity and the quality of the previous copied trades. You can see from where the order has come and analyze whether the setups you have managed are working good enough.

Current orders

“Current orders” for a visual understanding and tracking your copied trades. Also now it is easy to group your trades by the account name, by the current market price, symbol, stop loss, take profit, lot, time and many other criteria.