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What is new about Forex Copier? [Welcome to our blog]

Forex Copier 2 Is Here: Enjoy New Great Possibilities

We are pleased to announce that we released the new version of our account copier - Forex Copier 2!
This tool has all useful features of our previous versions, has many new features and more user-friendly interface. In this new version you can add new accounts into copying scheme, change Copier settings without closing MT4 platforms, all changes will be applied immediately...

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How to Get Profit from Reverse Trades | Forex Copier

In previous article we talked about how to copy trades from account of successful trader or from account with installed profitable strategy. But what to do if the results of source account trading are disappointing? What to do if the account of a trader who gave you his investor password loses much more money than it earns? Or strategy which you have downloaded or purchased online trades only at a loss? Do not despair, you have an opportunity to earn even on copying losing trades! If you want to know how to achieve this then this article is written just for you.

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Forex Copier v. 1.37: Important Advantages You Need to Know About

We continue working on improving our software to make it more reliable and useful for our customers. Yesterday (20 Mar 2014) we published new version of Forex Copier (v. 1.37). Please review a list of new features and bug fixes about this new version.

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Forex Copier: Awesome Compatibility with a new MT4 build

On February 3rd, 2014 most of MT4 terminals were updated to 600 build. It has a few meaningful changes, which affected the principles of EAs, indicators etc. Forex Copier was affected with this update as well, old versions of Forex Copier (before v 1.34) have some problems with new MT4 builds, but do not worry, thanks to our programmers, we were able to fix this problem very quickly and published new version of Forex Copier...

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How to Learn and Earn Easily with Forex Copier

It's not a secret that all the people who trade in the Forex market have come here with only one purpose - to make money. But if you want to have a stable income, not spontaneous, you must know the ins and outs of the market, and be well prepared theoretically. So you will be able to have stable earning only after long period of time and you will lose a lot of money by this time. But what to do if you are a beginner and you want to make money right here and right now without having any knowledge of the market? How to start trading if you do not have a clue about when you need to place an order and what type of order it should be? Forex MetaTrader Copier can help you to solve all these problems and start earning money for you right now. But how can it do this?

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