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Posted: 2014-09-16

Forex Copier 2 version has been released!

We are pleased to announce that we released the new version of our account copier – Forex Copier 2!

This tool has all useful features of our previous versions, has many new features and more user-friendly interface. In this new version you can add new accounts into copying scheme, change Copier settings without closing MT4 platforms, all changes will be applied immediately.

In addition, we created a simple and user-friendly user interface where you can activate/disable necessary functions in easy way instead of changing Copier settings in EA properties.

In our new version, you can save your copying schemes and load them in any time just in a few clicks!

You can purchase Forex Copier 2 on our site:

This is a one-time payment for lifetime license.

One Forex Copier license allows to have 2 registration keys so you can use the program on two computers at the same time.

All Forex Copier Professional and Forex Copier Multiaccount owners can upgrade to Forex Copier 2 version by paying a small upgrade price on this page:

What are the differences between the Forex Copier 1 and Forex Copier 2?

Visual configuration

Now it is extremely easy to set up copying with the help of new user-friendly visual interface.
Forex Copier Forex Copier 2

The interface became much more attractive and intuitive.

There is no need to use the additional sources or watch tutorials. Even the people who are not good at using computers will find Forex Copier 2 easy and understandable.

Two absolutely new features

“Current orders” for a visual understanding and tracking your copied trades. Also now it is easy to group your trades by the account name, by the current market price, symbol, stop loss, take profit, lot, time and many other criteria.

“Copying history” allows you to see the quantity and the quality of the previous copied trades. You can see from where the order has come and analyze whether the setups you have managed are working good enough. That will also allow you to dismiss some traders’ signals which do not work really well and to concentrate your attention on those which do work.

Grouping trades by different criteria

Group the trades by the operation type. It is important to know the direction of the entire market and the long and short trades you are in. It will help you to analyze your open and pending orders.

There is no need to restart the terminals or stop copying process each time after changing settings.

Now you can make changes at the real-time when the program is working.

Ability to save/load copying scheme.

It is easier to create the scheme and you can also save it, then create another one and at last load any scheme you need at the moment. In the first version all the setups were lost when you changed the scheme.

Keep old settings

All settings remain the same even when you apply the new ones. In the old Forex Copier versions some settings were lost when you re-applied the copying scheme.

Aggregate view of all settings

Now you can see at once which settings you’ve changed with the help of absolutely new part of the menu which is called Summary. Our clients can easily notice the difference between the default changes and the custom ones. It is very useful if you want to check and confirm all the settings you have configured. Also it will protect you from an accidental enabling the settings you did not intent to.

Human Error Tolerant

Sometimes our users were confused when the software didn’t work because of the incorrect changes they have made in Forex Copier’s settings accidentally. It was easy for them to break down the copying process. Now even the incompetent user won’t be able to do that.

One version instead of three

In a previous edition of Forex Copier our clients were puzzled about what type of the program to choose. We had a Free, Multiaccount and Professional versions. It is more convenient to understand what to choose because now the features of these three versions are combined into the single version - Forex Copier 2.

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